Organic CBD Oil Drops 10% 1,000mg

★ 100% Organic
★ Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
★ 3rd Party Lab Tested
★ Super-Smooth Taste
★ Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

Made with a unique CO2 and alcohol double-extraction process for an extra smooth taste, our 10% strength CBD Oil is the perfect option for those who aren't keen on the usual bitter hemp taste found in most droppers. 

These bottles are a convenient way to quickly get this natural supplement into your system.

Made from 100% Organic hemp plants grown outdoors in Europe, we mix the extracted cannabidiol (CBD) with nothing but MCT oil & vitamin B12 for added nutritional value.

Lab tested to ensure suitability for athletes in all sports.

For sublingual use (place drops under the tongue)

Bottle size: 10ml ≈ 250 drops ≈ 1,000mg CBD

1 drop ≈ 4mg CBD