August 17, 2018

Step 1

Sometimes companies reach out to us about carrying their products, but 99% of our brands were selected by our own research —or by strong customer request.

When vetting products, we must determine:

• What makes this product unique?
• Is it competitively priced?
• Is the hemp oil sourced properly?
• Is the manufacturer reputable?
• Are the ingredients natural and honest?


Step 2

Everything goes through a testing phase before we even consider carrying it. No exceptions. Although we have our own testing equipment that we like to fire up on occasion, we understand the importance of non-biased reports.

That’s why all products are 3rd-party lab tested to confirm the cannabinoid content advertised on the packaging.

It’s very simple: if the product doesn’t pass this test, we notify the manufacturer and move on. We don’t publicise products that test poorly —but it’s surprising how many there are.


Step 3

Admittedly, it’s no secret that hemp oil usually doesn’t taste great. Perhaps it’s cruel for us to make our employees taste all of these products —but we promise they’re happy to do it for you!

Before on-boarding a new product, we use ourselves as guinea pigs. When testing a potential addition to the Made By Hemp store, we note the following for our final concensus:

• Flavor
• Potency
• Effectiveness
• Uniqueness


Step 4

Once we add a new product, the final step truly never ends. We listen to you, read your reviews, and keep an eye on industry news.

Your feedback is extremely important to us. Our customers are the leading force behind what’s in our store.

Whenever you try a product, please go to the product page on our site and leave a review! Or feel free to email us your reviews.