August 17, 2018

1. How Does CBD Work?

How does CBD work, exactly?

CBD works on the basis of something called the endo cannabinoid system. This body system exists in all humans. Scientists made the discovery of our endo cannabinoid system only in recent years — we did not always know of its existence.

Essentially, the the endo cannabinoid system is a network of neurons and synapses throughout your body and brain. These emit and respond well to cannabinoids — a chemical that the hemp plant produces and, yes, a chemical our own bodies produce!

CBD works because the cannabinoids it contains bind with the the endo cannabinoid system (CB1 and CB2 receptors) to create a fully functioning network of neurons in your body. That’s why our bodies respond so well to CBD when we provide it with extra cannabinoids — these chemicals occur naturally in our own bodies!


2. What are Terpenes?

Another common FAQ about CBD that we get is about terpenes. Everyone hears this word at some point once they begin their journey in the world of cannabis.

It’s a FAQ about CBD, sure, but luckily the answer is quite simple!

Terpenes are just the chemicals in the marijuana family of plants that give the material its aroma or smell. Terpenes are responsible for the fragrance of the different types of marijuana. That’s why different strains have different, often very distinct, scents!

Terpenes are responsible for some of the characteristics that make up each strain. The scent it gives off depends on the terpenes it contains.

Without terpenes, medical cannabis would not have nearly the dramatic aromatic effect it has on a person! 


3. Why Does CBD Affect People Differently?

CBD can differ in many ways. Why doesn’t everyone respond to CBD exactly the same?

Well, first of all — and perhaps most obviously — we all have different bodies. Our bodies all have different chemical makeups. No two of us are the same!

That’s why it makes sense that people can respond differently to CBD. Factors like our age, weight, gender, lifestyle, medical history, and more can all come into play when it comes to how CBD will interact with us.

In addition, you have to take into account the strength or potency of the CBD you’re taking. Are you rubbing on a 50 mg CBD muscle rub? Or are you swallowing three 1000 mg CBD capsules?

These two routes of action will produce very different results. That’s why some people seem to have different experiences with CBD than others. If you’ve found yourself asking these questions even after trying CBD for the first time.


4. What are the Most Popular Effects of CBD?

Why do people love CBD so much? Because of the amazing benefits that CBD offers to them, of course!

Some of the most popular and most loved benefits of CBD include an elevated mood, increased productivity and happiness due to this elevated mood, acne relief, arthritis relief, joint and muscle pain relief, chronic pain relief, lowered cravings for cigarettes, lowered anxiety and stress levels, stopping nausea, reduced depression, reduction in frequency and severity of seizures, and even neuro protective benefits for your brain.

Obviously, there are a lot of reasons to love CBD! While these claims are purely anecdotal — meaning the Food and Drug Administration has not backed them up — the reports from people all over the world are enough to make many people stop and consider trying CBD for themselves.

This miracle cannabinoid might just offer its help to your situation as well! There are many science-backed benefits of CBD.


5. Does CBD, THC, or Cannabis Affect Memory?

Many people worry that CBD is addictive or that it can begin to have serious and unfortunate side effects like memory loss.

Luckily, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case! CBD is not addictive. It should not affect your memory or harm your brain in any way. In fact, people often turn to CBD for the neuro protective benefits it provides.

In other words, it may even help to improve or strengthen your memory — not detract or take away from it.


6. What Can CBD Do for Me?

Wondering what CBD can do for you?

Well, the answer to that depends a lot on who you are.

Are you a parent of a child suffering from epileptic seizures? CBD may be able to provide you relief and peace of mind as you treat your child with a natural and effective alternative to harsh drugs and prescriptions. Some trials found CBD to be a great alternative remedy for helping with seizures.

Are you a cancer patient undergoing chemo therapy treatments to cure your disease? CBD may be able to lessen the nausea, pain, and sickness you feel as you suffer through the intense treatment regimen. It may be your saving grace and help you feel better as you endure the battle before you.

If you are a person who suffers from any of a variety of other conditions — from arthritis to anxiety to Alzheimer’s — CBD might just be able to help you too.


7. Can You Vape Hemp Oil?

Wondering if you can vape hemp oil?

The short answer is yes!

The long answer? The CBD you get from the hemp plant is also known as hemp oil. Vaping CBD is actually a relatively popular way for people to get their CBD intake.

One of the biggest reasons people choose to vape hemp oil is that it offers greater bioavailability. Plus, it is a pretty easy and convenient way to take CBD.


8. What’s the Best CBD Extraction Method?

There are all different kinds of ways to extract CBD.

We stand behind the CO2 extraction method. It seems to keeps the integrity of the plant intact while also maintaining as much plant power as possible for human consumption.

We believe CO2 extraction is a clean and safe way to extract CBD from the cannabis plant. And that is how all are products is made.


9. How Quickly Will CBD Kick In?

This is another one of those questions that can differ from person to person. If you do not feel the CBD effects immediately, give it some time. You can slowly increase your dosage as you go if you feel you need more.

Sometimes you will feel the effects of CBD right away. This is especially true if you choose to vape CBD. Other times you will only feel CBD hit you later — like if you choose to digest CBD in edible form. 

10. What’s the Best Way to Use CBD?

There are so many different ways a person can use CBD. It comes in many different forms and your CBD method of choice may just depend on your lifestyle and personal preferences!

You can vape CBD, eat CBD oil, rub CBD into sore muscles and joints, and even use CBD lip balm. CBD comes in oils, tinctures, balms, creams, rubs, and more! If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing the right CBD oil products,